Before I die I want Makedonska Alternativa

After 9 months I was back to my wonderland for 12 days. Just before getting a flight – wanna say that Macedonia surprised me once again. First of all – new bridges that you cannot cross… But in the same time Germans can propose over there. Statues are not an issue here. Seems like empty space is bothering someone in Skopje. Feels like you should run away if you are not shiny, colorful and blessed by those that bless heros on the horses.

You may still survive, even if right in front of the catholic cathedra appears the hero with a gun, riding an animal (not really sure if hores’s tail might be so impressive as that one). But as long as you feel the rainbow – you are fucked up.

There are new maps of Skopje, new names of the streets, even the bus schedules at the bus stops appeared, but there is still one path and no desire to explore different once. Such a lovely country, where lovely people are feeded by melting cheese that slowely starts to stink. The process reminds a bit limburger cheese, bacteria is needed but at the end you cannot stand the smell.

Lovely people are still lovely. Rakija and wine are as good as they used to be. Skopsko is still skopsko. And your opinion is still your opinion.

Pozdrav od Skopje!

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The game is over + werewolfs




It’s not that easy to pack all your life and memories and move again, but since I’m celebrating the Independance Day, let’s do it! Even if I’m already 2 days in Poland my heart somehow stayed in Kisela Voda or somewhere else in the Balkans. So this post is suppose to finish that life learning experiance and force me to start a new life with new, beautiful perspective. First of all – there were too many gossips around my Macedonian adventures and I’m not gonna fight with them. For people that care about my mental health I can say that I’m not depressed, I don’t want to cry every single day, and what’s more – I really don’t need to complain about my choices, so don’t try to cheer me up by asking how is it going, better call me with some awsome job offer ๐Ÿ˜‰

Why werewolfs? so… I wish to share some dreams with you, especially this one that was kind of metaphoric nightmare. I’ve been trying to leave Skopje, but 2 dogs – one black and very, very aggressive, quite tall and slim, another brown, fluffy, bit confused and childish tried to stop me by biting my big book while running with me around EVS house in Kisela Voda. Finally I moved out from there, but the street walks didn’t let me walk on them, taxis didin’t want to pick me, the only way to get back to Poland was a boat, starting at Vardar, next to the jumping girl statue. Ok… it was pretty ok, I’m going home, but then suddenly Haloween started, so had no idea who was vampire, who was a steersman, my 2 dogs appeard again, looked at me and tried to keep at the bank. Then all the things around me, including Alexandar the Great, Filip the Second, Smizli and Kamen Most started to spinn and the German werewolf bite my leg.

That’s how I left Macedonia in my dream.

By this optimistic story I’d like to close this modest blogg, sorry for not writing regulary, but my life was driving me through crazy paths that I couldn’t describe. Thanks to all dear people, that went with me through them and wish to meet all of you in some other Wonderland…

Ajde cao Wonderland! Ajde cao Makedonija!

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da, da.. I’m alive

There are no words to describe trip after on-arrival training in Sarajevo. The best was beginning โ€“ two girls in one room passing out. Why? Why not to leave air-conditioning on 30 degrees Centigrade (of course plus).

The teams changed and finally we started The Trip. Ajde na highway. Ajde, Ajde. Three girls, three smiles, three hours to get to Mostar. Well done, surprisingly first driver was from Kisela Voda, superdobro!

Mostar โ€“ place where time stopped and your head was turning around, you couldn’t bat your eyes, you couldn’t stop taking pictures.

Next stop โ€“ Dubrovnik. Very careful control at the border (do you have any drugs, chemical substances or gun? – No Ms), unbelievable ride through California in 30 years old pick-up car. And finally the Sea starts… Let’s stay just one afternoon, let’s take a night-bus. Ok. What if there is no

bus, we are four, four girls, four smiles, etc. The first rule is โ€“ do not look for accommodation, the cheapest one will find you. Even if it’s 5th or 10th person asking you โ€“ try to smile, your smile is bargaining itself. Oranges in November โ€“ daaaaaaaa!

Last day โ€“ way to Herzeg Novi, this time we split into 2 groups. Two ‘Russian’ girls on the way. How wonderful we felt when Polska made people happy. So great to be polish here, so proud to say it. So… Of course one polish (but still Russian) stole fruits from the threes, the second one lost them in a car… Da…

Some dreams came true. First border with diplomatic immunity crossed. Wow. Hitchhikers say hello to the anonymous Montenegran VIP or his bodyguard and driver. Photos forbidden.

It was getting dark and closer to my last and the only bus from Podgorica to Skopje. Miki, Miki, successful young businessman- the guy who picked the ‘Russians’ to the bus station, with short break in Cetinje. Finally after break he opened boot, with 4 knifes, but let’s go Katarzyna, he has a farm, he is skinning the animals. Yes, but he can also skin the humans. Ajde, Ajde. Long, fast ride with Miki the Skinning Monster through empty roads finished as a ride with Miki The Fisherman.

Podgorica. All, four smiles together. Time to say goodbye. Fala Girls!

Bus to Skopje, as never before ๐Ÿ˜‰ surprised me with extremely kind people. People who gave me (as never before ๐Ÿ˜‰ ) lots of drinks, sweets, cookies and sandwiches. How to pay it back? Just tell it to the world. The Balkan States and The Balkans. Thanks to all gods that you exist.

It’s 6 in the morning or maybe it’s five. Skopje, 10 hours in the bus, in 10 hours it’s time for Bridging!




Herceg Novi

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I’ve tried 3 times to publish this post… hopefully 4 days after I wrote it some things are still the same.

It’s almost one week, and I’m no more the newest volunteer so it’s time to welcome Awa and sum up and maybe present the New Generation of EVS in VCS:

First off all, I bought mobile phone. Where people usually buy mobile? I have no idea, mine was waiting in the window…

After I bought mobile I’m totally socialised and probably I have free minutes to all V.I.Ps in Macedonia. I bought also dryer what makes me more and more sociable. One thing I missed – came back – people in the market convincing my companion to get married with me.

Jadzia is working with children. It’s not a joke. I haven’tย  killed them yet. What’s more – I like them. Even if I have charley horses they are to sweet and to beutiful to say no.

Bars are open till 1. How to realise that it’s closed? People are starting to smoke inside, beer, wine and rakija are the same. And owner is still the owner. La Kania rules.

Rakijada – garage party, organised by landlord of Volunteer’s house who invites you to drink as much home made rakija and wine as you can. If your liver says stop,ย  then just eat more and more. After that hangover do not exist. Thank you Stojko. Yes, we are all your children.Who will drive back home? The one with the highest tolerance for alcohol.

Elvis is still alive, he just hide himself in Avtokomanda to caress his car. Sometimes he sings and plays balcan music. And you have to square up to the fact that all your favourite polish songs are just covers. Shit happens. But fortunately Elvis is close as well as some other “balcan stars” ๐Ÿ˜‰

Alberticha is also posing to be the balcan star. He has wonderful friends here (it seems to be a good start in showbusiness;) ), even some working for government, who actually cannot work because there is no office for them. Cheers for Ohrid Agreement! ๐Ÿ˜‰ And thanks for great evening!

The question of the week is: Where does the onion grow? On the trees? Hmmm… Any other ideas? ๐Ÿ˜‰

One thing to add- I’ve almost took a shower with the wildest macedonian animal ๐Ÿ˜‰

Btw: Sara-je-v-o

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Jadzia and exhaust pipes

After 17 hours on the way (5 somewhere over the rainbow) โ€“ Skopje. Again New friendships in the plane, some lessons of geography for English people, broken luggage and finally โ€“ let the movie start.

Alexandr the Great Airport, Saturday, 5th November, around 7 pm local time.

Gjoko, the coordinator impeccably dressed is waiting for brand new polish volunteer, directly from London. Finally they meet, or better Gjoko meets her โ€˜lightโ€™ suitcase. Everything is perfect till highway starts and realiable car become sporting, noisy car โ€“ exhaust pipe says no. Driver is jumping from the car, under the car and over and over again till itโ€™s less sporting and more cooperative. Brand new volunteer is asking how she can help and is affraid of cars passing by and lack of orange triangle on the street but Bal-Can-Can. Well done, letโ€™s go on.

Home sweet Home. If Jadzia left her outerwearย  and Gjoko left one jacket on the rear seats what are the chances that he will find his jacket? -20% ๐Ÿ˜‰

Tired volunteer meets new housemates, eats sirenie, drinks skopsko meets dear mentor, who doesnโ€™t have facebook (the question is โ€“ does he exist? For sure his exhaust pipe painted the day before exists) and goes to bed sweet bed.

First Morning, first skyping, first tea in Macedonia, first walk around the city, first hamburger and third broken exhaust pipe in 24 hours. Broken jugoslovenska rabota is waiting just in front of office. People in Macedonia! Hide your cars, one look of her eyes is worse than 20 years driving on bumps or even on cart tracks.

One more mentor โ€“ why not, there is Jadzia for everybody! The volunteer is not going to choose, especially that Sanja speaks excellently polish and Srdjan devote whole day to show her the city instead of working on his biggest Scorpio-love.

How is the very begginning? Full of laugh, โ€˜krรณwkasโ€™, jokes and people who get it.ย  Nobody is perfect, but some places are.

Alexandr the Great – I promised to see you, now we are even.

The next episode: Is it a wonderland? More about people and news from heaven.

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